Adams State classes benefit college and elementary students


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Pictured, Charlotte Cunningham helps lead a group of kindergarten students, Cassandra Willis, Mathieu Pearson, and Raelle Ortega, from Trinity Lutheran School during her Methods of Teaching Elementary Physical Education class at Adams State College.

According to Margie Miller, assistant professor of human performance and physical education, the upper classmen work in groups, and each group is assigned to teach a portion of the elementary physical education lesson.

She said the program benefits college students because it provides them with practical experience working with children in a physical education class setting. Students also develop plans for their assigned part of the lesson, are able to carry out those plans, and then reflect on the outcome of their plans.

"Students also gain very valuable insight into the developmental level of K-1 students," Miller said. "The program benefits the elementary students because they are able to participate in physical education learning opportunities that may not otherwise be available for them at school."

There is more to a fit body besides physical education, and teacher education students from health and safety courses, taught by Jeff Storm, assistant professor of teacher education, spent a few hours during the fall 2008 semester teaching the Trinity Lutheran School students about those topics.

Joy Lucero, kindergarten teacher at Trinity Lutheran School, said adding physical education, health, and safety to her curriculum helps develop the whole child.

"I really appreciate the coordinated effort between the college and our school," she said. "I had parents tell me how they appreciated their children coming home and telling them how important it is to brush your teeth and what to do when confronted with a bully."

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By Linda Relyea