Meyer's creative spirit a good fit at Adams State College


Article by Lace King

Art major Jenna Meyer beamed with excitement as she described her experiences with art and music since coming to Adams State College.

Just recently, she participated in the Art Department's Twelve Hours of Art event during which she stayed in the Art Building and worked on projects for 12 hours, overnight. Through the night, she grew a deeper appreciation for those whom she regularly works with, and she hopes that Twelve Hours of Art will become a tradition.

  Jenna Meyer talents extend to hoola-hooping, pictured, she prepares for the Homecoming Parade in October.

Jenna Meyer talents extend to hoola-hooping, pictured, she prepares for the Homecoming Parade in October.

Eugene Schilling, professor of art, describes Meyer as "an excellent student, a really hard worker, one of my best students."

Meyer takes pride in her "art department family," knowing she can always count on her instructors and peers for both, "encouragement and constructive criticism" in a fun and exciting environment. A self-described small town girl, Adams State helps her feel at home, she said.

Both, Schilling and Dr. Beth Robison, assistant professor of music, laud Meyer's great personality and attitude. Robison said she loves working with Meyer's creative ideas. "She has one of the most creative spirits I've seen."

Adams State continues to provide Meyer with prestigious honors and opportunities. On several occasions, the music department requested her to play piano and sing at recitals, Meyer's other passions. Dr. Matthew Schildt, assistant professor of music, said: "Jenna is the kind of student that I wanted to always remain in my courses. She is a great student and was a very positive presence in class."

The art department faculty selected Meyer's work to be featured in the Hatfield gallery for a month in the fall of 2008. Meyer is a two-time recipient of the Judith Richardson Scholarship, and she pays for her art fees and supplies with the annual award. Meyer's work was recently featured in "The Great Hoopla" showing in Woodland Park, Colo.

For the summer of 2009, Meyer studied abroad in Italy for three months. Two kids, a 15-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy, welcomed Meyer as their nanny. She helped the children learn English over the course of her stay. "To actually learn and live in a new and different culture was an amazing, once in a lifetime chance. The kids were great." Her experience abroad inspired her to continue traveling internationally.

She hopes to continue to develop her passions for painting, music, and travel after her graduation. "I am truly happy with my major, even if it means I will be a starving artist," she said. More than anything, Meyer says she wants to be "happy," and describes her decision to receive her art degree at Adams State as the first step toward this goal.