ASU PD and local law enforcement participated in sex offender compliance check with U.S. Marshall Service


Seven registered sex offenders were arrested Dec. 2 during a day-long Sexual Offender compliance check conducted by a Task Force of the United States Marshall Service, in cooperation with local law enforcement. The Task Force included members of the Adams State University Police Department, along with the Alamosa Sheriff's Office, Alamosa Police Department, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Adult Probation, and four US Marshalls.

"We knocked on every door of every registered sex offender in the City and County of Alamosa, a total of 64, to ensure their statutory compliance, and to assure the safety of the greater community," said Paul Grohowski, Adams State Chief of Police. "A total of seven were found in non-compliance with Colorado law (CRS 16-22-109 (3.5), mostly for failing to register new addresses, or using false addresses."

He noted, "This is another example of our proactive approach to crime fighting on our campus community."

By participating in the task force, the ASU PD now has access to the SOTAR database, which is used to track sexual offenders nationwide. "This tool will serve us as we screen employees for Human Resources and new students who admit to felony arrests on their applications. Our officers also gained the experience of working on a US Marshall Task Force to see how their operations are conducted."

The U.S. Marshall Service compensated the police officers for their work, and also helped ASU PD purchase a fingerprint scanner/identifier and two iPad Pro tablets. "These law enforcement tools will assist the ASU PD well beyond this operation, and provide us with yet another piece of technology to utilize within our campus community, all at no-cost to the university," Grohowski said.