Adams State graduate finds passion in teaching


Juan Dominguez and family

Juan and Mireya with daughters, Noeli and Esmeralda

In the classroom Juan Dominguez, Adams State University alumnus '10, nurtures his students, encouraging them to reach their full potential. "As a teacher, you plant seeds of knowledge and with these seeds you create our future leaders, architects, scientists, lawyers, doctors, etcetera. I know the countless hours of preparing for lessons, grading papers and analyzing assessment data will definitely be worth it when we see students graduate and enrolled in college."

Dominguez majored in Human Performance and Physical Education, with a minor in Spanish. "I am proud to say I graduated from Adams State. We need more Latino leaders, teachers, lawyers, and politicians. I know ASU is the place to prepare our population."

Currently a fourth grade bilingual teacher in Texas at Somerset Independent School District, Dominguez pursued a career in teaching after realizing the need for bilingual educators. He began an alternative teaching certification program while substitute teaching for a year. After two years in the district, he earned a teaching license. "I love what I do and would not trade this career for any other. I see myself in these bilingual kids and knowing that I can influence their life. My career provides great satisfaction for what I do."

With his students he emulates Adams State Professor of Spanish Dr. Eva Rayas-Solis' passion for teaching. "She went above and beyond for Latino students. From her courses I learned grammar rules I apply in my classroom today."

He appreciates all aspects of his Adams State experience. "My education gave me the skills necessary to succeed and excel in my current position as a bilingual teacher. All of the Spanish courses I took and what I learned throughout the courses, I have been able to apply in this career. I really appreciate everything my professors did for me."

After two years at the University of Minnesota, Dominguez transferred to Adams State to complete his degree. He graduated in 2006 from Alamosa High School. "I am a proud Mean Moose." Mireya Dominguez, his wife and fellow AHS graduate, currently attends Palo Alto College in San Antonio, Texas. She plans on majoring in bilingual education. They have two "beautiful" daughters, three-year-old Esmeralda, and one-year-old Noeli.