Psych Club remains active on campus


Adams State University Psi Chi/Psychology Club will induct seven new members at the end of February. Club members include students with an interest in psychology. Students in the top 35 percent of their class may be eligible for Psi Chi, the international honor society in psychology. One student, Tucker Jones, was recently awarded a Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Grant in the amount of $1500 to support his Honors Thesis research.

The club participates in a number of activities and events throughout the year. This year's activities have included community service, educational fundraisers, and, in the future, a lecture for the campus community.

During the fall the club members participated in Adams State Cares Day and volunteered at a local farm cleaning the fields. The honor society/club was involved in Adams State's competitive homecoming activities, such as the annual Medicine Show (a comedy skit show), parade, and other events, and were awarded first place.

Homecoming award money, along with fundraiser proceeds, will help the members attend the regional convention hosted by the Rocky Mountain Psychological Association this April in Denver. They hope to take as many as 12 students, with 4 of them presenting original research.

At the 2012 Autumn@Adams Cook-Off, the club raised money by selling supertaster strips. This genetic test determines whether one is among approximately 25 percent of the population whom experiences taste more intensely.

The other major fundraiser, "Drunken Darts," was paired with alcohol awareness literature and information about counseling and addiction resources on campus. Students could purchase a chance to score a bulls-eye on a dart board, while wearing goggles that simulate intoxication, with the potential prize of $50.

This spring the club will host an invited lecture by Jeff Elison, assistant professor of psychology, on shame and coping.

For more information about this organization, please contact the faculty advisor, Dr. Leslie Alvarez, associate professor of psychology at Club officers include Rachel Lundgren, Psi Chi president; Tucker Jones, Psi Chi vice president; Lindsey Scwindt, Psi Chi secretary; Jo Hartley, Psychology Club president; Felicia Carter, Psychology Club vice president; and Tegan Oehman, Psychology Club treasurer.