World premiere of “Intimacy Issues” starts March 4


Be the first to see the world premiere of "Intimacy Issues," student written, student directed one-act plays. The Adams State University Theatre production opens at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 4 in the Xperimental Theatre and continues nightly through Friday, March 8.

Senior theatre major Derek Chacon '13 wrote, and is directing, "Logged In" a look at the impact of the Internet on relationships. His initial inspiration came from thinking about how people relate through technology. "I wondered what would happen if the only way to interact was through a screen." From this thought, Chacon wrote his "dark" comedy in a "near future" setting where participants never leave the house and communicate only through screens.

Katie Fuleki '13, also a senior theatre major, decided to direct "Four Seasons" written by Jon Schneider, who graduated in 2012. "The script is a good representation of young couples today and tells the story of how people's lives intertwine over the four seasons." She describes the play as a drama with comedic relief. Fuleki said college-aged students will relate to the one-acts, but audiences of all ages will connect to the plays.

Chacon said his play will be a "visual treat." He also designed the video incorporated into the scenes.

Both Fuleki and Chacon cast "fresh faces" for their theatre productions. "We believe the student directed shows are a means for freshman to gain experience," Fuleki said. "I can relate to them and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences."

Chacon enjoyed the directing experience despite the many challenges of a larger cast and non-traditional stage design. "Logged In will be a different experience. It is not a typical stage set."

"Intimacy Issues" is recommended for mature audiences only; to reserve tickets call 719-587- 8499.