Still time to register for ASU STEM Saturdays


Although the Adams State University STEM Saturdays continue to fill up, there are still spaces available in three of the workshops.

Sessions are scheduled from 9 a.m. until noon. Enrollment is limited.

March 5
Exploring Microscopy and Molecular Biology with Optics
Dr. Adam Kleinschmit, assistant professor of biology
grades 9-12

April 2
A Safari Through the Jungle of Shape and Space
Dr. Meredith Anderson, assistant professor of mathematics
grades 6-9

April 16
Wetland Ecology and Management
Dr. Tim Armstrong, professor of biology
grades 6-9.

Workshop Information:

Exploring Size and Optical Properties of Molecules: Participants will build their own agarose gel electrophoresis apparatus and explore how to separate molecules by size in order to determine the identity of food dyes extracted from candy. The electrophoresis chambers will also be used to investigate how molecular biologists separate DNA in the laboratory and visualize it using fluorescent dyes and optical filters. The session will wrap up with using polarized light microscopy to visualize the stunning birefringence properties of crystals.

A Safari Through the Jungle of Shape and Space: Join Dr. Meredith Anderson on an adventure through the wild and woolly wilderness of geometry. During this activity, participants will give many familiar shapes the chance to break free of their cramped cages at the zoo, and stretch, twist, bend, and leap their way around the wide landscape of geometry. Let's watch what unfolds as squares, circles, and other well-known friends bend and join themselves together in exciting new ways to create some exotic geometric critters whose forms will shed light on important questions involving the shape of the universe, space, time, and much more.

Wetland Ecology & Management: This session is designed for students interested in careers in natural resource management. We will visit a local state wildlife area to learn more about managing wetlands for wildlife.

Register by contacting Simona Guillen, STEM activity coordinator, at 719-587-7586 or Registration forms are also available at ASU STEM.

Once registered, participants will receive the location of session and any other pertinent information. Only parent/guardian authorized registrations will be accepted.