Fighting flames at night and cracking books by day


Article by Maya Ramirez '16

Kevin Gutierrez walking out of building holding fire hose.

While it may not be uncommon for college students to pull an all-nighter – it isn't usually because they are out saving structures and lives. Adams State University students Kevin Gutierrez, Edgar Morales, and Tyler Cerny manage a full-time class schedule and volunteer as firefighters.

Gutierrez, a sophomore criminology major; and Cerny and Morales, junior wildlife biology majors, understand the importance of education and community involvement.

Gutierrez appreciates professors and students who understand when he misses class or assignments. "I am grateful for knowing people in my classes who help me catch up with assignments.

Tyler Cerney kneeling fighting a fire.

Cerny said receiving late night calls and then having to be up early to attend class is his greatest challenge. Morales appreciates the support of his wife and strives to "balance time with his wife and children."

Gutierrez' father, Randy, Adams State custodial supervisor, is also a volunteer fireman. "We are all family and we back each other up with support and advice. The boys have the constant support from their teachers, community, and loved ones," said Randy Gutierrez.