Sorling will join Lost and Found for night of comedy improv


Jacob Sorling and Anatasha Blakely of Buddy Puzzle

The Adams State University Department of English, Theatre and Communication Distinguished Guest Series is pleased to host alumnus Jacob Sorling '11, who will return to his alma mater for a one-night-only improv comedy performance at 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 18, in the Xperimental Theatre. He will be joined by his partner Anatasha Blakely and the Adams State Lost and Found comedy improv troupe.

"Audiences should expect to enjoy themselves and have a fun time," Sorling said. "It is all made up on the spot so anything can happen, that is the fun and beauty of improv."

Sorling and Blakely form the comedy improv Buddy Puzzle. "There's nothing currently in my life that makes me happier than theatre," Sorling said. "I can't ever see myself giving it up. It is pure magic."

Despite the uncertainty of a performance career, Sorling followed his dream. "I went into acting and improvisation because it was the one thing I always craved to do. It is challenging and so expansive that it is limitless." He appreciates the community and lessons of theatre. "It continues to teach me about myself and the rest of the world every day, giving humanity to those around me. Theatre also has a community unlike any other field. It has given me the best friends I have ever had from the first day I joined forensics in high school all the way to today in Los Angeles."

He chose Adams State Theatre, after graduating from Alamosa High School in 2007. "I absolutely made the right choice going to Adams State. I learned about all the sides of creating theatre that I would be lost without. Adams State helped me feel fearless in creating my own content as well as helping me land multiple jobs."

Sorling said the Adams State Theatre Department prepared him well for his career. "I received all the history and background I needed to have a leg up on other performers. Adams State's Theatre is also run the same way professional theatres are run and so the transition into the world of professional theatre is seamless."

While on campus, Sorling and Blakely will lead a series of workshops with theatre students on long-form improvisation. "We hope to spread a deeper understanding of improv and show improvisation in a new light."

The English, Theatre and Communication department is pleased to invite distinguished speakers, performers, and alumni to address topics that will appeal to current students, faculty, and the broader community.