Traffic study favorable for ASC campus improvement


Results of a traffic study conducted by Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers show no negative impacts associated with Adams State College's campus improvement projects, according to Aaron S. Heumann, project manager for the firm.

The college engaged the firm to evaluate the potential impact of vacating a portion of Stadium Dr. and redirecting traffic around the area. Monterey Ave. is proposed to be converted to accommodate two-way traffic between First Street and El Rio Drive. Adams State also proposes to vacate Richardson Ave. between First and Second Sts. to create more campus parking.

The study, conducted Sept. 1, concluded: "The Adams State College Campus Auxiliary Housing New Building Project and the associated roadway changes should be allowed to proceed from a traffic operations standpoint. The intersection capacity and queuing analyses did not identify any negative changes in the operations, compared to the existing conditions."

The study will aid in creating alternate traffic flow patterns, according to Erik van de Boogaard, Adams State associate vice president for Facilities Planning, Design & Construction. City of Alamosa Public Works Director Don Koskelin participated in planning the study with Adams State staff.

Five intersections studied

The Martin/Martin study analysis did not identify any changes in level of service or queuing resulting from traffic redistribution caused by the roadway modifications associated with the college's current and planned construction projects.

The study focused on four roadways and five intersections. The roadways included Stadium Dr., First St., Murphy Dr., and Monterey Ave. The intersections included those at First St. & Stadium Dr., First Street & Murphy (including Mullins Ave. & Pike Ave. approaches), First St. & Monterey Ave., First Street & Richardson Ave., and Murphy Dr. & Sunset St. (including the Oliver Ave. approach).

Martin/Martin concluded the five study area intersections are currently operating at acceptable levels during both the AM and PM peak hours, with the exception of the Murphy Drive southbound approach to First Street during the AM peak hour. The study also outlines the city's options for reducing this congestion.

Adams State will host two public information sessions about the projects, both to be held in Room A130 of the Student Union Building. The sessions are scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 2, at 5:30 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 6, 11 a.m. Complimentary lunch will be provided at the Saturday session.

ASC improvements for enrollment growth

The proposed street closures are outlined in the college's ten-year Master Campus Plan. Adams State broke ground July 9 on the Residences at Rex, a new student housing and stadium complex located immediately east of the football stadium. The closure of Stadium Dr. will allow creation of a new campus green and pedestrian walkway to link housing, student life, and athletic facilities on the North Campus and direct pedestrian traffic smoothly toward the academic area south of First St., van de Boogaard noted.

"Our continued enrollment growth means there will be even more students on campus next year. As we improve our campus to better serve students, we are working with the city and our neighbors to assure safety for both our students and community members," said Adams State President David Svaldi.

A new campus parking lot offers 130 spaces just west of the college's Nielsen Library, which is currently available at no charge. Future projects will add another 220 parking spaces across campus, van de Boogaard said. Adams State recently obtained bond financing for the next phase of campus improvement, a $20 million project that includes remodeling the Music and ES buildings and Leon Memorial Concert Hall, and developing a new parking lot on Richardson Ave.

By Julie Waechter