Green Home Design course offered at Adams State

Adams State College Community Partnerships and Natural Power are offering a hands-on Green Home Design Class, again, in the New Year. Through a workshop series offered both publicly and for college credit, you will learn tips and techniques of the trade for constructing an environmentally friendly building. These workshops will teach how to make a home more energy efficient, retrofit renewable energy into a building and build green from the ground up. The course format is varied with informative talks, hands-on lessons, and home tours. This class is ideal for anyone interested in getting into the green construction business, or for people who simply want a greener home of their own.

This course will cover topics including use of solar energy, conservation of energy and water, straw bale and adobe housing, and retrofitting an existing home among many others. The class is available to both SLV community members and students currently registered with Adams State. Adams State students may take the class for credit by registering for it through the college (Green Home Design, ID 179, CRN 12347). Community members may register for the class, without college credit, by contacting Karl Jolliff at 719-587-8209, or Community members can take the course as a whole for the discounted price of $275, saving $100, or may take the classes individually. Individual courses will cost $35 for each lecture; or $60 for each hands-on lesson and home tour. Classes will be held every other Saturday, starting January 21, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with a break in March for Spring Break.

The course will be taught by Chuck Reel, owner of Natural Power. To register for the course, or if you have any questions, please contact Karl Jolliff at 719-587-8209 or