AHS Class of '61 establishes scholarship


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Sue Murr, Alan Simpson, Virginia Harrison, Ivan Hof, Trisha Martinez, recipient of the scholarship; Marylee Myers, and Gath Frye

In the spring of 1961, the Alamosa High School graduating class filtered into their community, nation and world prepared for college, career, and family, due in part to the public education received. At their 50 year reunion, the Alamosa High School Class of 1961 alumni raised money to establish a scholarship for students attending Adams State College.

Spokespersons', Marylee Myers, Gath Frye, Sue Murr, Virginia Harrison, Ivan Hof, and Alan Simpson said the class wanted to "give back to the community." Myers said: "What better way than to provide Alamosa High School graduates with the opportunity to attend college."

Not only did the rest of the class respond positively to the idea, originated with Harrison, they enthusiastically embraced the suggestion. Many of those who were unable to attend the reunion contributed to the scholarship.

According to Harrison, many alumni from the class attended Adams State, including herself, who graduated with a degree in English and taught at Center High School for six years. Others started college, and then chose to begin raising families, including Murr and Myers.

"A college degree is a great asset as our world becomes more competitive,"; Murr said. Harrison agrees, "I believe in education, and everyone needs opportunity." The first recipient, Trisha Martinez, is currently an Adams State sophomore majoring in business with an emphasis in accounting. "I definitely appreciate this opportunity and support."

Myers echoed the sentiments of her fellow high school alumni in saying, "We expect Trisha to do well. We have faith in her." Hof agreed and echoed the need for opportunity, 'This is one way to help students succeed."

The AHS '61 alumni appreciate the education they received in the Alamosa Public Schools. "We had wonderful educators and were very fortunate for the education we received," Frye said.

Currently, this scholarship is the only award established by an entire high school graduation class. Those gathered credit Myers with organizing the reunion and her countless hours of work is greatly appreciated. The four-day reunion included an auction and dance. These two events raised the funds for the scholarship.

The reunion was such a success, the class plans on another in five years, rather than waiting the typical ten years. Hof served as auctioneer during the dinner, where high school memorabilia, including two large photos of Alamosa High School (the building was torn down when Safeway built a new store) were sold. "We all enjoyed reuniting, catching up and sharing memories," Murr said. Myers agreed, "We are one big, happy family."

Harrison shared the group's words of advice for the younger generation: "Focus on respect, integrity, loyalty, and responsibility. Our class owes much of our success to these characteristics." Simpson added, "Go to school and stay in school."

The Alamosa High School Class of 1961 Scholarship requirements include being an AHS graduate, a full-time Adams State student with at least a 3.0 grade point average. The scholarship is renewable. Interested donors to the scholarship can contact Lori Laske, Adams State alumni director, at 719-587-8110; or Myers at 719-588-8667.

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