"Thoughts Become Decisions" opens February 7


Adams State College theatre students, Travis Hennager and Rebecca Fortner, connected immediately to the plays they chose to direct for their senior project. "Thoughts Become Decisions," an evening of two one-act plays, presents the idea of justifying the consequences of actions. The production includes "Bang, Bang, You're Dead," directed by Travis Hennager and "Orange Flower Water," by Rebecca Fortner.

The play, "Bang, Bang, You're Dead," written by William Mastrosimone, deals with a school shooting. When he was still in high school, Hennager wanted the theatre program to produce the one-act. The school refused. The play has been banned in some high schools because of the subject matter. The play opens in the jail cell of a student shooter's whose victims return to question him in his conscience. "Little actions can turn into bigger reactions," Hennager said, "Little things can affect us in a massive way." Hennager also believes anyone who has been on either side of a bullying incident can relate to the play. "I was bullied in middle and high school and have seen vast amounts of bullying. The play was written to raise awareness of our actions and their affect on others."

Fortner said she fell in love with the language of "Orange Flower Water," written by Craig Wright. "It is so realistic," she said. "It could easily be a conversation you overhear." The play drips with subtext, saying one thing and meaning another. "Anyone who has ever been in a relationship will enjoy the interaction and dialogue between the characters." She said often in relationships, one or both parties believe the "grass is always greener." Do you stay in your current situation or jump and eventually realize you are in the same situation, with a different person.

Both Fortner and Hennager said directing met all their expectations and they have enjoyed the experience and appreciate the Adams State Theatre Program for preparing them for this challenge and their future careers.

"Thoughts Become Decisions" opens at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, February 7, in the Adams State College Xperimental Theatre and continues nightly through February 11. The production is for mature audiences, 17+, only. Tickets are now on sale, call 719-587-8499 for reservations.