HA! Guaranteed to make you laugh


Regardless of how your funny bone is tickled, HA!, the Adams State University Theatre Program production will make you laugh. The three one-acts open at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5 in the Xperimental Theatre and continues nightly through Saturday, Feb. 9.

Directed by senior theatre majors, Mason Scott Miller '13, and Jason Wells '14, HA!, written by Rich Orloff, includes "Oedi," "The News from St. Petersburg," and "The Whole Shebang." According to the website richorloff.com, "Oedi," a farcical retelling of the Oedipus Rex story, faces the overlooked fact that if Oedipus married his mother, she had to be old enough to be his mother. "The News from St. Petersburg," a Chekhovian spoof set in 1905 Russia, examines the effect of a rumor on an aristocratic couple, their doctor, and an overworked and temporarily overjoyed serf. "The Whole Shebang." asks the question, "What if the entire universe was just some nerd's science project?"

Wells described the three one-acts as being everything from witty to slap stick to bad puns. "Something for everyone." Miller agreed: "Bunions, cows, lessons, and laughter, the shows will keep you on your toes."

Both directors said their cast picked up immediately on the comedic timing. Wells, directing "Oedi" and "The News from St. Petersburg," said he directed one play very tightly with specific instructions and the other he choose a looser directing style. "Both styles worked very well and produced the desired effect."

Miller directed "The Whole Shebang" and designed the sound and music for it. "I am really proud of the lighting design because it automatically puts you in another world. All the elements of the show will work together perfectly." Miller plans on graduating next fall and hopes to work in, or own, a recording studio. Wells, a double major in theatre and history, dreams of starting his own theatre – maybe in Grand Junction.

"When I read through these scripts I could not stop laughing. When Mason read them, he had the same experience. It would be a great disservice to miss these comedies," Wells said.

To reserve tickets for HA!, call 719-587- 8499.