WSB Scholarships assist Adams State accounting students achieve their goals


Pictured, left to right, Nalley Saenz, Taylor Crowther, Melanie Valdez, Seth Spiva, Kim Temple, Bob Gjellum, Natalie Rogers, Karla Willschau, Eric Learn, Melanie Morgan, and Colin Kunau. Not pictured, scholarship recipients Donathon Archuleta and Jessica Scherrer stand before the school of business building

Accounting students and professors, and WSB partners, gather for a photo, on January 22. Pictured, left to right, Nalley Saenz '16, Taylor Crowther '16, Melanie Valdez '99, Seth Spiva '16, Kim Temple '01, Bob Gjellum, Natalie Rogers '85 '11, Karla Willschau '84, Eric Learn '16, Melanie Morgan '16, and Colin Kunau '16. Not pictured, scholarship recipients Donathon Archuleta '18 and Jessica Scherrer '17.

For over 30 years, Wall, Smith, Bateman Inc. has awarded over 250 accounting scholarships to Adams State University students. The current partners, including Ron Chapman, Bob Gjellum, Sheila Hicks, Lyle Hood, Mike Hudson, Kimberley Temple '01, Melanie Valdez '99, Karla Willschau '84, and David Young, continue the dedication to the Adams State accounting program.

The WSB scholarship recipients for the 2016/2017 academic year include accounting students Donathon Archuleta '18, Taylor Crowther '16, Colin Kunau '16, Eric Learn '16, Melanie Morgan '16, Nalley Sanchez '16, a Jessica Scherrer '17, and Seth Spiva '16.

Spiva will be the first person in his family to receive a college education. "The assistance of scholarships such as the one from Wall, Smith, and Batmen is an extraordinary help to finishing out my college career." He declared three majors in business at Adams State and will graduate in four years. "Scholarships like this one are a great help to my family and I, as well as a reminder of what I have worked so hard for these past four years." As a student athlete his first three years, he was unable to work to help pay for school. "I wouldn't be the student or the person I am today without places like Adams State University and Wall, Smith, and Batmen."

Wall, Smith, Bateman Inc., a local certified public accounting firm, considers Adams State University to be a great partner, and contributed $7000 for scholarships to deserving accounting students. The majority of the accountants that work at Wall, Smith, Bateman Inc. graduated from Adams State and the firm attributes much of their success to the fact that the Adams State School of Business has an exceptional accounting program. The firm is grateful to Adams State for the start given their employees and is happy to help future accountants to obtain their accounting degree through the scholarship. The firm also participates with Adams State by providing select students with an internship program of which certain past and current scholarship recipients benefited.

Natalie Rogers, assistant professor of business, said the business school is extremely appreciative of Wall Smith Bateman and their continued support for the students. "Our accounting students are able to graduate with less debt because of this scholarship. I know they appreciate the firm's generosity and I believe community support of students helps with retention and an overall feeling of belonging."

The accounting firm has been awarding scholarships since 1982; the average number of recipients per year is 8 with approximately 255 scholarships awarded in the last 34 years.