Exploring Fractals has spaces available


example of a fractal

The Adams State University STEM Saturday Exploring Fractals will begin with a planetarium movie open to registered students and their family members. The free, interactive workshop, scheduled for February 6, still has space available. Register now, by contacting Simona Guillen, STEM activity coordinator, at 719-587-7586 or stemcenter@adams.edu.

After the planetarium movie, Fractal Explorations, students will head to the computer lab, and learn to use several free fractal generating programs. They will be introduced to the mathematics of fractals so they can understand the many different fractal formulas. We will also learn how to create our own color palettes and how to animate them. We will finish with an introduction to creating fractal movies. The last 10 to 15 minutes of the class will be a show-and-tell for families, so students can show off their fractals. Students will be given a USB flash drive so they can take their creations home with them.

Exploring Fractals, with Dr. Robert Astalos, professor of physics/director of the Zacheis Planetarium and the Observatory, begins at 9 a.m. and end at noon, Saturday, Feb. 6, in Porter Hall and is open to students in grades 6-9.

Other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Saturday Workshops with spaces available include:

February 20
Investigations in Biology
Dr. Kristy Duran, associate professor of biology
grades 4-6;

March 5
Exploring Microscopy and Molecular Biology with Optics
Dr. Adam Kleinschmit, assistant professor of biology
grades 9-12;

April 2
A Safari Through the Jungle of Shape and Space
Dr. Meredith Anderson, assistant professor of mathematics
grades 6-9;

April 9
Forensic Chemistry
Dr. Renee Beeton, associate professor of chemistry
grades 6-9;

April 16
Wetland Ecology and Management
Dr. Tim Armstrong, professor of biology
grades 6-9.

Registration forms are also available at STEM Saturday.

Once registered, participants will receive the location of session and any other pertinent information. Only parent/guardian authorized registrations will be accepted.