Adams State Hall of Research opens Feb. 1


Adams State University is launching a new Hall of Research to showcase research and creative scholarship by students and faculty. Campus and community members are invited to attend an opening ceremony for the hall, Wednesday, February 1, at 10 a.m. on the first floor of McDaniel on First St.

"We want to honor the research work our students and faculty are doing and continue to promote scholarly activity throughout the university," said Dr. Courtney Allen, assistant professor of counselor education, who is coordinating the Hall of Research.

The first floor hallways of McDaniel Hall will now display posters that provide a visual representation summarizing individual research projects or scholarly work. The posters will include research by faculty, collaborative projects by faculty with undergraduate and graduate students, inter-departmental collaborations, and doctoral student research from ASU's new Ph.D. program in Counselor Education. Academic departments across campus will be represented. "We hope this will encourage students to consider more research projects and posters they can present at professional conferences," Allen added.

Some sample poster topics include:

  • The Effect of the Advanced Biostructural Correction Chiropractic Technique on Aerobic Measures in Trained Endurance Cyclists by Lukus Klawitters, Tracey Robinson, and Dustin Oranchuk
  • Student Sketching of Complex Geologic Processes Improves Long Term Memory Retention, Application, and Synthesis by Dr. Rob Benson
  • Gender and Narrative Effects on Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Rape Survivors by Keren Bakke, Melissa Acosta and Dr. Robert Demski
  • The hall will display 18 different posters year round, with posters rotated periodically. During the annual Student Scholar Days, planned for April 4th and 5th this year, the hall will display only student research.

By Julie Waechter