Romance at the Zoo opens February 7


Article by J.C. Maheu '17

image of promotional poster with text stating opening date and play titles with two male students one reading the other looking at the him

Ever crave a hot meal? Even a hot relationship? Maybe you just crave a conversation with a stranger? Follow your cravings for an evening of good laughs and cutting remarks into the Adams State University Theatre production Romance at the Zoo. The two one-act plays, directed by senior theatre majors Jordan Hannebaum, "Seven Menus," and Laura Owsley, "Zoo Story," open at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 7 and continue nightly through February 11.

"Seven Menus," by David Ives, is a comedic look into the passion and workings of any relationship. This show offers a unique look into the different connections, hilarious inside jokes and onstage sugar of eight lovely individuals. Watch how each of their relationships change a part of who they are and end up becoming.

"Zoo Story," by Edward Albee, offers up the unique drama and excitement two strangers can share during an afternoon encounter on a park bench. Two men go through a life altering experience that will inevitably lead to one dramatic moment, giving one peace and leaving the other in turmoil.

These shows will have you questioning what life becomes and the workings of any relationship. Follow the adventures of the different types of relationships from lovers, to friends, to strangers. Watch how these individuals adapt to their circumstances and discover something new and unexpected from within.

Tickets prices are $9 general admission; $8 seniors and high school students, and free admission for ASU faculty, staff, and students. For more information or to reserve tickets call 719-587-8499.