Grizzly track stars sprint to the Olympics


Sunanya Wahi and Jurgen Themen came to Adams State together, attracted to the Grizzlies' esteemed track & field program. The couple will soon travel to Rio de Janeiro together – both to run the 100m in the 2016 Summer Olympics, competing for their home country of Surinam. "Our coaching staff and team are so proud of Jurgen and Sunayna representing Surinam and Adams State University in the Olympics," said Rock Light, head coach for track & field. "They have been training hard this summer on the track and in the weight room."

This will be the third Olympics for Themen, who competed in both 2008 and 2012, but it is Wahi's first -- a serious injury kept her from the 2012 games.

"It's going to be awesome for Jurgen and me to be at the Olympics together," Wahi said. "We're boyfriend and girlfriend; we're training partners; we motivate each other."

“Based on my life experiences, I would say that if you believe hard enough in what you’re doing, amazing things will happen, and your dreams will turn into reality,” Themen said, adding, “Also, always stay humble.” Both achieved personal records during their ASU careers in the 60m, 100m, 200m, with Themen also excelling in the 400m. Themen has completed his collegiate eligibility and will receive his cellular biology degree with honors in December. Wahi graduated in May with a degree in geology, having earned Outstanding Student Awards from the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and the Association of Women Geoscientists. She will begin an MBA at Adams State in the fall and has one full season left to compete for ASU.

By Julie Waechter