San Luis Basin Geology and Hydrogeology Workshop


The U.S. Geological Survey and Adams State College are sponsoring "San Luis Basin Geology and Hydrogeology Workshop", a one-day workshop on Tuesday, June 14.

The purpose of this workshop is to promote cooperation and communication between geologists and hydrologists that are actively working in the San Luis Basin, as well as communicate results of research to stakeholders and the general public in the region. The workshop topics include the geologic story of "Colorado's Sangre de Cristo Range", by D. Lindsey; "The Southern Rocky Mountain Volcanic Field and inception of the Rio Grande Rift", by P.W. Lipman; "The Earthscope Rio Grande rift GPS experiment: measuring active tectonics in Colorado and New Mexico", by presenters A. Sheehan, H. Berglund, S. Nerem, M. Roy, M. Murray, T. Lowry, F. Blume, and N. George; "Gravity Investigation of the Three-Dimensional Geometry of the San Luis Basin, Northern Rio Grande Rift -- Preliminary Results" by presenters B.J. Drenth, V.J.S. Grauch, and R.A. Thompson; "Geophysical views of the shallow subsurface in the San Luis Valley, Colorado -- Finding faults and mapping clay", V.J.S. Grauch, D.V. Fitterman, J.L. Slate, and B.J. Drenth; "San Luis Valley hydrogeology: an overview"; by E.J. Harmon; "Challenges and Successes: Using InSAR to infer hydraulic head changes in the SLV", J. Reeves, R. Knight, H. Zebker, and W. Schreuder; and "Development of a ground-water model for acquisition of a water right: Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado" by J. Schenk.

The workshop will also include 22 poster presentations.

The event organizer is Benjamin Drenth, U.S. Geological Survey. Cost is $10 per person; contact Dr. Rob Benson, professor of earth science, at 719-587-7921, or, for more information.