Myth Hunters television program explores local legends


san luis valley Old Cow Town

Old Cow Town was one of the San Luis Valley locations filmed by Myth Hunters.

The Southern Colorado (SoCo) Film Commission recently brought yet another film production to the San Luis Valley. World Media Rights, the company behind the television show "Myth Hunters", recently completed their filming in the San Luis Valley. SoCo Film Commission volunteers worked with this UK based production company by email and Skype months prior to their arrival, in order to set-up interviews and location shootings.

Interviewing longtime residents and exploring local scenery and attractions, the crew collected a wide variety of material in Alamosa, Saguache, and Creede before moving on to Pagosa Springs, with the purpose of giving international audiences a better understanding of the local legend regarding Treasure Mountain and the historic LeBlanc Gold Expedition that gave the mountain its name. Myth Hunters is a documentary series telling the stories of historic treasure hunts, and airs on the American Heroes Channel.

The So Co Film Commission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on improving the economy of the San Luis Valley by attracting film industry production. Filming activities both provide a large amount of funds to local businesses and highlight a region to an international audience, driving more tourism to the area. The So Co Film Commission helps the SLV reap these economic benefits by marketing the region to film producers, helping them find locations, and in general providing everything they need to make the SLV an easier and more accessible filming location. For more information regarding SoCo Film Commission, please call Karl Jolliff at 719-587-8209.