ASU Board holds line on tuition and approves salary increases for employees


Tuition for full-time undergraduate students will remain unchanged at Adams State University for the 2018-19 academic year, and ASU employees will receive cost-of-living pay adjustments based on action taken Monday by the ASU Board of Trustees.

Adams State has kept its tuition flat for the past two years as the Board of Trustees signal no appetite for increased student costs. The Board also eliminated late registration fees and kept other student fees flat. "The Board and Administration of the University recognize that affordability of a college education is paramount to Adams State's mission of providing opportunity and creating access for all who aspire to earn a college degree," said ASU Board Chairman Cleave Simpson.

Adams State offers one of the most affordable tuition rates of any four-year college in Colorado and the Rocky Mountain region, with its 12-for-20 semester credit hour pricing. Full-time students pay $4,719 per semester for 12 credit hours and can take up to 20 semester credit hours for no additional cost. Students who take advantage of the 12-for-20 tuition window, by taking more than 12 credits per semester, can reduce their costs to earn a degree from Adams State by thousands of dollars.

In addition, 60 percent of Adams State's undergraduate student body is eligible to receive federal Pell grant aid, which is not a loan and does not have to be paid back. Pell grant eligibility coupled with Adams State's extensive list of available scholarships through the ASU Foundation means most students attending Adams State receive some form of tuition assistance and as a result do not pay for the full tuition cost.

"There are many ways that Adams State can help a student and family meet the cost of attending the University," said ASU Interim President Matt Nehring. "Adams State is committed to making sure that a college education is within reach for all students, and our efforts to control costs and offer substantial financial aid means more students can afford to attend the University and find themselves in meaningful careers once they've earned an ASU degree."

The ASU Board of Trustees also approved a 2 percent cost-of-living increase for faculty and exempt staff, and ASU classified employees will receive a cost-of-living adjustment of 3 percent based on rates set by the state Department of Personnel and Administration.

"It's critical that Adams State remain competitive salary-wise with peer institutions," said President Nehring. "The Board of Trustees recognizes this and the Administration is appreciative of their support."