Fresh Ink Fresh Faces opens March 18


The annual production of Fresh Ink Fresh Faces opens at 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, in the Adams State College Xperimental Theatre and continues nightly at 8 p.m. through March 22. For reservations contact the Theatre Box Office at 719-587-TIXX. Tickets can be reserved through spring break.

Fresh Ink Fresh Faces was conceived four years ago by Adams State graduate Rocco D'Santi. He wanted fellow student playwrights' plays the opportunity to be produced. This year, Kacey Stamats, a senior with a double major in English and theater, is directing four one-acts by Jesse Russell, Kelby Sinka, Bothe Kretsinger, and Zach Burrell. "They are all really talented writers," Stamats said.

A docu-drama, a comedy, a horror, and a film noir play all made the final cut. "Remembering September," is Russell's observations on real conversations and his own thoughts about the tragedy on September 11, and how we need to remember those lost and how we can talk about it, Stamats said.

Another feature of Fresh Ink Fresh Faces is introducing new actors. "We have a cast of fifteen," Stamats said. "Of those, only two have played a major role on an Adams State stage."

Bothe wrote the comedy, about a doctor who runs a clinic for unexplainable maladies. "Dr. Dobson treats people with paranormal disorders," Stamats said. "It is a whimsical comedy."

Stamats said film noir can be described as focusing on shadows - on stage and "in a metaphorical sense." This play is based on the playwright's, Sinka, real-life friends and roommates. "The main character is so caught up in the fantasy of a woman he is in love with, he can't see who she really is," Stamats said.

The horror, written by Burrell, is a story about two young women trapped in the basement of a house during a zombie apocalypse. "This play is very intense and claustrophobic," Stamats said.

Although Stamats said she was overwhelmed before starting the process of producing and directing the plays, once it began she has enjoyed the experience. "Heather Wilder is a wonderful stage manager," Stamats said. "She has done more than anyone in keeping the actors focused and the rehearsals running professionally."

J.C. Williams is designing the sets for the four one-acts. "There are a lot of set changes," Stamats said. "J.C. was ingenious using scrap material. One of the sets rolls on and rotates."

Stamats said she wants to take a year after graduation, this May, for a photography internship and then will apply to graduate school in both the San Francisco and New York City areas.

"My directing style has a very heavy cinematic influence," Stamats said. "I am lucky to be directing in the Xperimental Theater, where the audience is so close to the actors it has the same intimacy as close-up and camera angles."

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By Linda Relyea