ASC Water Update 9:15 p.m.


The City of Alamosa will begin a disinfecting flush of the municipal water system Tuesday, March 25, at 9 a.m., according to Public Works Director/Acting City Manager Don Koskelin. Adams State College will remain open, according to Provost Dr. Michael Mumper.

  • Showers may be used during the flush, but will smell like chlorine. Use caution with small children and people with sensitive skin, since chlorine levels will be very high. Quick showers are recommended; eyes could burn during showers.
  • Do NOT drink the water or boil water during the flush! Do NOT brush teeth with this high level of chlorine water. Continue to use bottled water.
  • Toilets may be used and flushed.
  • There will be a very strong oder of chlorine for several days. It will be vital to run taps and flush toilets during this flush, to keep water flowing through the system for complete disinfection.
  • Plan for a 14 day process to flush the system completely.
  • The water will not be turned off at anytime during this process.

The disinfection will begin at the north end of town and gradually progress through the entire municipal water system. The city will begin distributing notices of the flushing procedure this weekend. ONCE THE FLUSH HAS BEGUN, DO NOT CONSUME TAP WATER UNTIL NOTIFIED BY THE CITY.

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter will hold press conference in Alamosa Saturday, March 22, at 11 a.m. at the SLV Regional Medical Center. He declared a state of emergency in Alamosa Friday, freeing additional resources to address the problem. The National Guard will assist in the water distribution.

The ASC Water website is being updated as soon as new information becomes available. It also contains links to useful information about salmonella and the water restriction. College administrators request that everyone attempt to reduce false rumors by referring to this site.

By Julie Waechter