Flush to begin on-campus today


Adams State College has been notified that the Stage One system flush will begin today. This is the most hazardous of the water treatment stages. Until further notice, you are warned against the following activities for any purpose:

  • DO NOT drink tap water
  • DO NOT use city water for food preparation
  • DO NOT use city water to prepare baby formula
  • DO NOT use city water to bathe or shower
  • DO NOT use city water to brush your teeth or clean dentures
  • DO NOT use city water for pets, fish tanks or plants
  • DO NOT use your dishwasher
  • DO NOT use your washing machine
  • DO NOT dump any cleaning chemicals down any drains

For the most complete, up-to-date information on the water situation, visit: stay tuned to this web site. Adams State College will keep you updated on the situation and you will be informed when Stage 2 of the water treatment process has begun.