ASC receives $25,000 state grant to help adults finish college


Adams State College is launching an Office of Degree Completion to help adult students return to college and complete a degree, thanks to a $25,000 grant from the Colorado Department of Higher Education.

Adams State will also conduct a statewide survey to determine why students do not complete college. "If we can better understand who does not finish college, and why, we can develop policies and programs to improve degree completion," said Adams State Provost Michael Mumper. Various factors - financial issues, family obligations, scheduling conflicts, relocation - may play a role. "We want to learn what happened to curtail their college progress and what would help them return."

The state has identified more than 20,000 students who attended college within the last five years and have accumulated 75 percent of required credits with a GPA of at least 2.0, but for various reasons never finished college. Adams State received one of four grants awarded to state colleges and universities in an effort to ensure that a larger percentage of Coloradans enter and complete college.

Adams State will contact these students, 1,600 of whom are already in its database, and offer help. "We will work with each individual to determine how much additional coursework they need to earn a degree at Adams State - either an AA/AS or BA/BS," Mumper explained. "Then we can tailor a degree to meet their specific needs. Because we are so affordable and flexible, Adams State can be the key to finishing college."

Adams State's has a national reputation for the quality of its Extended Studies and distance education programs, Mumper said. It offers more than 250 courses in online or correspondence formats. Courses may be taken online, via correspondence, or in a traditional classroom on campus.

"Our interdisciplinary studies program gives students the opportunity to design their own degree program using courses already completed," Mumper said. Those taking at least two courses may qualify for financial aid.

He noted that Adams State welcomes anyone interested in finishing their degree. Students may contact the Adam State Admissions Office at 719-587-7306, toll-free: 866-344-1687, or email.

By Julie Waechter