ASC professor and students relive the past


asc goddard and students image

Pictured, second from left, Adams State College Dr. Richard Goddard, associate professor of social studies, and history students, left to right, Micah Keller, Tom Keller, and Josh Lemley, participated in the Battles for Socorro, near Socorro, New Mexico, in February. Not pictured, Dr Stephen Weiss, associate professor of psychology, accompanied the group. The Battles for Socorro is a reenactment of several Civil War battles that occurred along the Rio Grande near Socorro.

Goddard teaches an enrichment class on historical reenactment at Adams State each fall. The class is open to any interested students and community members who wish to explore this interesting hobby. Goddard also has organized the Fort Garland Memorial Battery, a Civil War era artillery unit. For this event, the FGMB joined forces with the Artillery Company of New Mexico.

According to Goddard, in addition to being an interesting hobby, historical reenactment is an important avenue for learning about the past. "One of the challenges of teaching history is to get students to understand the past in its own terms and not just from our own worldview. Historical reenactment goes a long way in accomplishing this."