Robot Challenge scheduled for Sand Dunes


2009 robot challenge image

Photo by Jenna Bohnen- 2009 Robot Challenge at Great Sand Dunes National Park

On April 10th, university and college students from across Colorado will test their robotic designs at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument. The event begins at 9:30 just north of the lower dunes parking lot. This parking lot is normally used to access the main dune field for hiking.

The Colorado Robot Challenge is an annual event hosted by Adams State College and the Colorado Space Grant Consortium. The goal is to develop small autonomous robots of less than three pounds capable of navigating harsh terrain similar to what is found in an area devastated by an earthquake or other natural disaster. For this event, the robots must move around objects and content with bad traction and steep slopes as they find a radio beacon.

This year's entries include screw-driven robots and walking robots as well as the more traditional wheel-based robots.

This is event is open to the public, may interact with the designers, asking questions about their particular robot as well as robots in general. Please dress warmly.