Joshua Machone makes strides from within the Biology department


By: Mariah Pepe 

With the 2011-2012 academic year winding down, the Biology department is recognizing Joshua Machone as its outstanding graduating student.

From Lamar, Colorado, Machone has maintained an impressive 3.78 GPA, while also being an active member on campus.

Machone is currently serving as the Treasurer of Tri Beta, the Adams State nationally recognized Biology club. This club serves to encourage undergraduate research and reporting to peers. It starts by exposing freshman and sophomores to conferences, later encouraging them to present. “I’ll be able to present this year, and I’ve presented in other places in the past. It has opened my eyes to the science community,” said Machone.

After graduation, Machone hopes to attend dentistry school, an aspiration he’s had since middle school. He’s in the midst of the interview process with the University of Nevada in Las Vegas and Colorado University; he’s waiting to hear back from them. After dentistry school, Machone is contemplating studying orthodontics before he begins his practice.

Machone would like to encourage the students in his department to practice perseverance. “Don’t get overwhelmed immediately. You’ll have to make sacrifices to be at the top of the class, but looking back, all of the effort was worth it. The professors really teach you the material and prepare you for the upper level courses because it gets even more rigorous at the next level,” said Machone.

Reflecting on his experience at Adams as a whole, Machone says, “It was stellar. I had high expectations my freshman year because I wanted to become a strong dental candidate, but Adams State has far surpassed those expectations.”

Machone will take all of the knowledge and experience he’s had at Adams, in addition to his hard-working nature, and apply it to his future schooling so that he may achieve his ultimate goal of working in the dental field.