Accounting students explore international employment opportunities in London


By: Mariah Pepe

At the start of the school year, Paccioli, the Adams State Accounting Club, set its goal of leaving the Valley to explore potential career opportunities in the international business realm. With the development of the International Accounting Standards taking place in London, England was the clear destination of choice.

“We wanted to give students another perspective from that of the Valley at a small school. No recruiters come to small schools, so there are less opportunities for students at big companies, but I want them to see how their lives would be if they did work there. It helps to build up the Business Department as a whole,” said Dr. Jeanie O’Laughlin.

In preparation for the Spring Break excursion, the group took a trip to the Denver Ernst & Young firm in order to get a basis of knowledge about the firm that they would study in London. They also wanted to compare the same office in a different international environment.

Once in London, the group took a tour of the Ernst & Young Corporate Office, as well as the Bank of England. “The most beneficial part of the trip was visiting Ernst & Young. I learned about working abroad and exchange programs. I've always wanted to work internationally and I now know that this is possible without having to leave the U.S. permanently. I will take the opportunities presented by Ernst & Young to work abroad. I will also apply the things I learned from a big city, like reading a subway map, catching a bus, and working in large traffic jams, to the life I hope to live in the future,” said Jordan McHenry.

The group also had an opportunity to experience the tourist aspects of the country, such as Big Ben, the Tower of London, Greenwich Village, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, cathedrals, museums, and much more. They even saw the Queen of England as she was going between Westminster and the Buckingham Palace. Luckily, she was within only a few feet of the students.

Students who went on the trip are part of a Business 379 course; they had assignments before and after the trip to get the most out of their experience, and they will also receive credit for their work. They will soon develop PowerPoint presentations so that the community will also benefit from their experience.