Adams State art galleries host Troncoso and Cat Snapp


The Adams State University Art Department Galleries will host the work of local artist Annette Troncoso, Hatfield Gallery, and Cat Snapp, Cloyde Snook Gallery. The shows will be on exhibit March 18 through April 18.

An artist lecture by Snapp begins at 4 p.m., Friday, March 22, in the Art Building room 227, followed by an opening reception for both gallery shows from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m.

Snapp received the Juror's Choice Award at the "M.F.A. But No J.O.B." 2011 art exhibit in the Cloyde Snook Gallery. Her works on paper, "The Ebb and Flow of Growth," will be included in the upcoming exhibit. She said her work has always been inspired by the nuance of social interactions and relationships. "I am intrigued by my observations of how we often communicate our true intentions not through what we say, but through tone, body language and other cues. Internal dialogue and the relationship one maintains with oneself is also a critical influence in the work."

It is Snapp's intent to present works that are rich in intricacy and texture that echo the complexity of the mind and of individuals. "It is also important that these works are subtle and may not initially strike the viewer just as we cannot see every thought of another's mind."

Troncoso will show a selection of drawings and paintings in the Hatfield Gallery. Born and raised in East Los Angeles until the age of 15, she has always had a sense of "the people - la gente." Cesar Chavez was an early childhood hero who served as inspiration for the series Agriculture at the Turn of the Century.

Troncoso said noted painter and teacher, Harvey Dinnerstein is one of her early artistic influences and she had an opportunity to study in New York with Dinnerstein. She divides her time between Colorado and New Mexico. Troncoso approaches her artwork with a diversified approach, working in both oils and pastels. Additionally, she does some printmaking as a member of the Santa Fe Etchers' Club.

For more information, call the Adams State Art Department at 719-587-7823.

By Linda Relyea