Adams State Guaranteed Tuition begins this fall


Adams State University's new Guaranteed Tuition program goes into effect with the Fall 2016 semester. Registration for the fall began March 28. All undergraduate students enrolled on-campus are guaranteed no tuition increases through their fourth consecutive academic year of enrollment.

The Guarantee is available to in-state and out-of-state students, including full and part-time, new, and transfer students. In addition, continuing students who are enrolled during the Spring 2016 semester or the Summer Session 2016 will experience a lower tuition increase than incoming students; about 2.6 percent, compared to about 5 percent. Adams State's generous full-time tuition window, which charges a flat rate for 12 to 20 credits a semester, also gives incentive to complete at least 15 credits a semester, which is necessary to graduate within four years.

"This shows we are committed to making education affordable and assuring students graduate with less debt," said Arnold Salazar, chair of the Board of Trustees for Adams State University.

President Beverlee J. McClure explained, "Our goals for this program are, first, to make college more affordable and allow students and their families to better plan for expenses. Also, guaranteeing tuition for four years encourages students to stay enrolled full-time and to complete their degrees within four years."

Details about the Guaranteed Tuition program are available at or through the One Stop Student Services Center, 719-587-7306.