Mary Lavey retrospective featured in Cloyde Snook Gallery


The devotion and attention by Mary Lavey, Sister of Mercy, extended to students, colleagues, friends, and, of course, her fine art ceramics. The Adams State College Cloyde Snook Gallery honors Lavey with a retrospective of her ceramic work from March 28 through April 22, with an opening reception from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. Friday, April 1, in the Art Building.

Gene Schilling, professor of art, said Lavey's influence continues to be felt in all the art teachers she helped to educate and inspire. With assistance from Cloyde Snook, emeritus professor of art, Schilling organized the exhibit featuring artwork from over ten private collections, including the Art Department's permanent collection. Lavey received a master's in art from Adams State in 1977. After completing her degree, she taught art education until 1993.

Lavey's life and art were rooted in a deep connection with spirituality and nature, as is evident from her artwork as well as the following quote from her master's thesis, "From earth, fire and water comes the expression of form through the medium of clay. To be totally involved in the process one has the opportunity for simplicity, centerdness, spiritual growth and a sense of connectedness to the Whole."

Lavey passed away on January 15, 2011, her legacy includes her clay vessels which captured the hearts, the imagination and the admiration of all who know her work.

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