Adams State College Police Department meets training goals


Every officer of the Adams State College campus police department has completed over 100 hours of training within the last year. "That's an impressive accomplishment that speaks to the dedication of our officers and the support of our college president and board of trustees," said Dr. Joel Shults, chief of the campus police department.

Shults stated that although no rule requires continuing education for police officers in Colorado there is a commitment among his area colleagues for more training. Alamosa County Sheriff Stong chairs the San Luis Valley Law Enforcement Officer Training Foundation and Sgt. James McClosky from that department coordinates training offered locally. The Foundation administers grant funded programs from Colorado's Peace Officer Training Project in conjunction with the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Board. Chief Jackson with Alamosa PD has an aggressive department training schedule and has also coordinated with Trinidad State Junior College in establishing a law enforcement training center facility due to be in operation in Alamosa soon and available to all area police agencies.

The Adams State Police Department began in 1968 as the campus Department of Public Safety. The name change to Adams State College Police, effective July 1, reflects Shults' desire that his department be clearly identified as a police agency to avoid the confusion associated with images of unarmed security guards. "Our officers are fully certified and empowered peace officers with jurisdiction on and off campus," he said.

A new addition to the training schedule for ASC police officers is internet based training. All officers recently completed a course on anti-biased policing adopted and put online by POST. Other online training has included DNA evidence collection with the U.S. Department of Justice, and incident management with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Shults said he hopes his department can begin to produce its own training materials using digital media in the near future.

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