ASC honors Student Support Services students


Tanya Martin, Arwen Milroy, Wendy Loch, Zoila Gomez, keynote speaker; Brian Rauscher, Valerie Atencio, Stephanie Carino, Holly Chacon-Cordova, Jose Valdez, Kimberly Lucas, and Jesserai Valdez

Encouraging first-generation students to enjoy all their college experiences and appreciate their opportunities, Adams State graduate, Zoila Gomez, keynote speaker, spoke at the Adams State College Student Support Services 6th Annual Recognition Banquet on April 29.

The students and guests were welcomed by Brian Rauscher, director of SSS, and Ken Marquez, dean of Student Affairs. Gomez finished fourth in the 2008 Olympic trials and represented the United States in the World Championships last year in Japan and is planning on competing again this year. As an Adams State student athlete, Gomez was an 11 time All American and 6 time NCAA Division II National Champion. She said her life has been "blessed." She began running at age 17 in California and was recruited by a junior college coach; from there she joined the Adams State Grizzlies.

Recalling the SSS support and services, she said the program and tutors were instrumental in her academic success. She encouraged the students to treasure their experiences and grow from them. "I am grateful for what I have and what I have achieved and will never forget my experiences at Adams State College. Student Support Services tutors saved my life and made a big difference in my academic experience."

The mission of Student Support Services is to retain and graduate eligible students from Adams State by offering services essential for college success. SSS offers counseling, tutoring, mentoring, educational and cultural trips, supplemental grant aid and scholarships, computer services, and more to members. Eligible students must be a first-generation college student, or meet financial need requirements, or have a documented disability. SSS is part of the Adams State TRIO program.

Wendy Loch, SSS academic counselor, and Tanya Martin, tutoring program coordinator, recognized students for their participation in the program. Arwen Milroy, freshman, and Stephanie Carino, sophomore, received a Rising Star Award for diligently pursuing and maintaining academic success. Kimberly Lucas received the "Spirit of TRIO Student" award; and Scott Aldridge received the SSS Tutor of the Year Award.

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By Linda Relyea