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The end of the semester is the time to showcase all the special talents of the many Adams State College Theatre students and faculty. Paul Wurth's, adjunct instructor of theatre, energy and commitment to his students inspired him to write scripts and produce one more performance.

He wrote monologues for each of his Intermediate Acting Class students to encourage their natural talents and develop as actors. "The several different scenes correlate with one another with the general theme of 'what will they think.'" The monologues touch on spousal abuse, alcohol abuse, and the stages of grief. "People are diving into how they feel/felt about a person passing away." He said the performances address more than just physical loss. Some of the pieces deal with emotion loss, such as loss of affection between two people.

Wurth said he had fun writing the scripts and paid attention to individual student's needs. "I focused on what my students needed to improve upon for class."

The free performance, Wurth describes as a "museum piece" or "art reception," begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 11 and Wednesday, May 12. Ushers will direct audience members to the areas of performance throughout the Adams State Theatre Building. "It is important for actors to be seen," Wurth said. "These students are so talented and we've worked to get them out of their own thought process and into their bodies. The progress they've made is indescribable."

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By Linda Relyea