ASC Campus Renewal in full swing


ASC's campus renewal is in full swing, with progress underway on several fronts.

"We appreciate the support of our community as this project has developed, and hope they will continue to be patient through our campus' growing pains," said President David Svaldi.

Some streets will occasionally be blocked or closed to facilitate construction activities, particularly Stadium Dr and Monterey Ave, according to Erik van de Boogaard, associate vice president for Facilities Planning, Design & Construction. Later in the summer, Richardson Ave. will also be impacted. Van de Boogaard suggests avoiding the affected streets if at all possible.

The Residences at Rex and new community stadium facilities are taking shape.

The Residences at Rex and new community stadium facilities are taking shape.

Construction of the Residences at Rex and community stadium facilities is advancing quickly; they are slated to be open in August. Construction trailers were recently relocated to the Plachy Hall north lot to allow site work to begin on the Residences at Rex. Work on North Campus Green will begin in July.

The following projects have or will shortly begin, with work to be completed over the summer:

  • Coronado D wing remodel
  • Girault South wing remodel
  • Cafeteria and Student Union Building remodeling, funded by Auxiliary Services
  • Restoration of the stucco exterior of the Rex Activity Center, with funding from the Colorado Historical Society
  • Lacrosse/soccer field on site of current football practice field

Work will also commence this summer on new parking lots on the North Campus and on Richardson Ave.

Design team selection is underway, with bidding anticipated for next February, on remodeling of the ES Bldg., Music Bldg, and Leon Memorial Concert Hall.

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By Julie Waechter