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Breathe inspiration into your writing, develop craft, and learn new skills with skilled guidance from Dr. Carol Guerrero-Murphy, professor of English. Guerrero-Murphy is offering a variety of workshops throughout the summer at Adams State College.

Starting the evening of June 1 and continuing all day June 2, the Writing and Place Workshop will include writing, observing, metaphor-making, and writing again. Find inspiration from memory and from walking and watching our valley to create personal, vital writing. Explore how the power of place speaks to your imagination and, in the written version of pleine aire painting, lets you see newly. Wear walking shoes and a hat, and bring sunscreen, water bottle, and a brown bag lunch. Also bring a blank book/notebook.

A Writing and Community Workshop will be held the evening of June 8 and all day June 9. Enjoy fun group work opening your minds, hearts, and approaches to writing. Use writing to build connection and awareness of others through interviewing, constructivist listening, active listening, and collaborating on the creation of story, essays, and poems.

The Writing and Being Workshop will be held during the evening on May 18 a half day on May 19. Partake in a quiet and contemplative workshop during which you write to find out what you are thinking, feeling, wondering, and hoping. Try writing as meditative practice. Use questions and prompts to explore your memory, identity, and voice. For this private writing, bring a blank notebook and a fast pen.

All these workshops may be taken for undergraduate or graduate level, or for no credit.

Other creative writing courses include the foundation course for the creative writing major, an Introduction to Creative Writing offered during the early May term by SLV award winning author and teacher Aaron Abeyta (colcha) and a Creative Non-Fiction course taught in June by Professor David MacWilliams with an on-line component for individual guidance.

Guerrero-Murphy's four day writing intensive workshop on using writing for thinking and discovery is scheduled from June 4 through June 7. Spend four whole days growing as a writer. Suitable for all levels of writers, teen through adult, during these four days you will practice writing to think, learn, observe, create, invent, share, reflect, grow, teach, dream, analyze and discover. Bring a brown bag lunch, a fast pen, and a notebook.

Guerrero-Murphy has been a writing coach, teacher, and author, "Table Walking at Nighthawk" a 2005 WILLA Finalist, for one whole heck of a very long time and she still likes to ignite appreciation for the power and craft of writing. Did you know that, like running or wrestling, research shows that writing improves most through practice? For more information, contact Dr. GM (Carol) at, 719-587-7862.