Theatre workshops offer opportunity for improved communication and more


If you want to learn more about the father of Chicano theatre or improve your communication skills, the Adams State College Theatre Program is offering two unique summer workshops that will help you achieve your goals.

From his work with Cesar Chavez in the fields of California to the Broadway stage and Hollywood, "The Theatre of Luis Valdez" is a one-credit workshop that will examine the activism and artistry of the father of Chicano theatre. Participants will even work together to create their own examples of actos or short plays like the ones created by Valdez and El Teatro Campesino. The workshop meets June 15 and 16.

Dr. John Taylor, theatre professor, says, "Luis Valdez is one of my heroes and this short workshop is an opportunity to share with people about the tremendous contributions this American activist, playwright, and director has made to our national culture."

"Energizing Your Communication Skills" is a fun, hands-on workshop designed to expand your communication skills beyond what you have already learned in a basic public speaking class. This class will emphasize a performance-based approach to communication including using basic acting skills to help you become a more dynamic speaker. It is created for those looking for both personal and professional development. The workshop meets July 13 and 14.

"This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to gain confidence when speaking in front of others. In a low pressure, relaxed environment, participants will learn more about what makes for effective communication as well as techniques for being energetic and dynamic speakers," states Taylor.

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