Free tax service site sees over $1 million in refunds


Alfred Petross and Sheryl Abeyta

Pictured, Alfred Petross and Sheryl Abeyta were among the volunteers who, by February 25, topped the half-million dollar mark through the volunteer income tax return program.

Nearly 800 returns, over $1 million in refunds, and approximately 2,000 volunteer hours are the totals for this year’s free tax service. For the fourth year, Adams State University School of Business, in partnership with The Piton Foundation, provided free tax service to qualifying individuals.

According to Dr. Michael Tomlin, Adams State School of Business chair, over 45 IRS certified volunteers, mostly accounting students and six faculty volunteers, spent January until Tax Day helping San Luis Valley residents fill out and e-file their 2012 tax returns.

“I would like to give a special thanks to our accounting faculty, especially Sheryl Abeyta, assistant professor, and Natalie Rogers, visiting assistant professor,” Tomlin said.

He believes the program assists students with real-life experience in accounting and the many individuals who do not have to pay to have their tax return filled out and filed, plus, of course, the economic stimulus in the San Luis Valley of the tax refunds coming back to residents.