Adams State launches virtual map online


Adams State University recently launched a virtual map on the campus website.

The illustrated map includes descriptions, photo slide shows, and related relevant links. The map's legend includes academics, administration/resources, athletics, community, emergency, housing, landmarks, and student life.

Visitors to the site, Campus Interactive Map, can manipulate the map by using the select tool and click on the orange balloons above a building. This opens a box which includes links to relevant sites or online news articles and a photo slide show. Visitors may also choose a building from the legend which also opens the information box.

An aerial photo of the campus, taken last fall, was used to build the illustrated map, complete with street names and athletic fields. The virtual map was designed to work on computers and mobile devices.

The Creative Relations Web Team, Mike Henderson, web applications development, and Jen Stoughton, web content strategist, began the project last fall. They launched the interactive site a couple of weeks ago.