McDaniel Scholarship recipients announced


Laurel Heimstra, Dawn Melgares

Laurel Heimstra and Dawn Melgares

In 1999, Adams State University Dr. John McDaniel, emeritus professor of history, started a legacy for future students. He teamed up with colleagues and former students and through the years created 40 individual scholarships.

"It's a way of honoring the students I have taught in the past, and also of helping students who will come in the future," McDaniel said.

The scholarships assist students financially, enabling them to focus on their area of study and future careers. For the 2014/2015 academic year, 27 students received a McDaniel Scholarship.

Mariah Pepe, a social welfare major, received the Bill Rakow/McDaniel Scholarship. "This scholarship has awarded me so many benefits." Currently, Pepe is taking a month-long class in Nicaragua on sustainable development. Upon returning, she will intern with United States Senator for Colorado Michael Bennet in Washington, D.C. Along with being a resident assistant, Pepe said scholarships help her graduate nearly debt free. "I get to focus on my academic career, professional development, and my involvement at school instead of funding tuition. I am very honored to have been selected for this scholarship, and my gratitude is immeasurable."


Richard Barkley Scholarship: Laurel Heimstra;
Dr. Buchanan Scholarship: Paul Harvey;
Clyde Calvin Carstens Scholarship: Kaycee Prevedel;
Dr. Gary Gallagher Scholarship: Mark Mabry;
Tom Bruscino Scholarship: Steven Sharber;
Hon. Carlos and Dorothy Lucero Scholarship: Kaitlynn Tai Davis.

Heimstra, a senior, plans to apply for graduate school through the Boettcher program. "Without this scholarship, I would have a much harder time continuing in school and graduating." As a non-traditional student and with the recent changes to financial aid, Heimstra is currently out of loans and Pell Grant. "Scholarships, and this one in particular, are the only way I will be able to attain my goals of completing my degrees and teaching."

Business Majors

The David Ford/McDaniel Scholarship:Taylor Crowther, Kelly Lamb, Courtney Nesenson, and Steven Petrov.

Education majors

David and Vickie Ford Scholarship: Carly Marie Hinton;
Vickie Ford Scholarship: Kimberly Hulst;
Dr. John and Fran Marvel Scholarship: Carrie Jo Morrow;
Lillian McDaniel Williamson Scholarship: Carissa Sidor.

English majors

Clyde Calvin Carstens Memorial Scholarship: Madison Mansheim;
Jodine Ryan Scholarship: Chelsea Dilley;
Homer Wright Scholarship: Lisa Tyma received the

Music majors

Nita Cooper Memorial Scholarship: Ben Paden;
Vickie Ford Scholarship: Michelle Vance;
Kincannon-Wall Scholarship: Sadona Wohlrabe.

A senior music major, Paden also appreciates the financial support. "This scholarship is beneficial to me because it alleviates worries about how I can afford college, and allows me to focus on my passion in the university towards percussion, composition, and music." Paden plans on pursuing a master's degree.

Unrestricted McDaniel Scholarships

Jerry and Patti Crisci Scholarship: Dawn Melgares;
Ron Howard Scholarship: Kyle Sprague;
James Johnson Scholarship: Taelor Mullins;
Ethel Dobson McDaniel Scholarship: Katherine Brown;
Julie Randolph McDaniel Scholarship: Jacob Reed;
Ed Ortega Scholarship: Jessica Garcia.

Melgares, a junior, will graduate in December 2015 with Bachelor of Science degrees in business management and marketing. Supporting a family of seven, Melgares said receiving the Jerry and Patti Crisci/McDaniel Scholarship, means taking out fewer loans. "When I do not have to worry about how to financially care for my family I can take more classes, and take advantage of the ASU policy for free classes, and spend more time devoted to my studies." After completing her undergraduate degree, a semester early, Melgares plans to pursue a master's degree. Eventually, she wants to give back to the community by opening an after-school center for 4-8 grade students.

Out of the 27 scholarships rewarded, 17 are from the San Luis Valley, 8 others from Colorado, and 2 from out-of-state.

McDaniel contributed $5,000 to each fund, which was then matched by the donor and the Adams State University Foundation. Full-time Adams State students at the junior, senior, or graduate level with a 3.0 or better GPA are eligible to apply for the awards.