Theatre production dedicated to creating social change


poster image promoting will act for change

Will Act for Change will present Pain, Love, and Self-Medication at 7 p.m. May 12 and 13 in the Adams State University Xperimental Theatre.

The performance is free to the public with no tickets needed. It is for mature audiences only. The show will feature mature subject matter and language. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

Will Act for Change is a student acting company dedicated to using theatre to create social change. The performance was created as part of the Devised Theatre course taught by Dr. John Taylor, professor of theatre.

Devising is the process of actors collaboratively creating a new work without a pre-existing script in which the creators are also the performers. "In this kind of theatre, there is no separation of duties or hierarchy of power. Every member of the company, including myself, shares full responsibility for all aspects for the production," Taylor said.

Pain, Love, and Self-Medication is a series of short performance pieces inspired by individual actors and developed collaboratively by the company. The play was created around the idea of exploring the dual themes of committing transgressions and experiencing transformations in our lives and in society. It incorporates spoken word, movement, and other forms of creative expression.

Taylor said: "It will be an evening of thought-provoking works. To transgress is to go against personal and societal expectations while transformation is the act of change. Some of the pieces are very personal reflections of the real experiences of the actors in the company while others comment on different aspects of society. I'm proud of the work my students have created and it has been a privilege to go on this journey with them."