Full-time status at Adams State remains at 12 credits per semester


Adam State President David Svaldi announced the university will continue to consider enrollment in 12 credit hours per semester as full-time status for financial aid purposes.

In February, the university announced that 15 credit hours per semester would be required for full-time status. The rule was to go into effect with the coming fall semester.

"I wish to emphasize that in order for students to complete a bachelor's degree in four years, they should average 30 credit hours per year," Svaldi pointed out. "I urge advisers to continue to advise students to enroll in 15 credits per semester, as long as it makes sense for the individual student. Most importantly, students should enroll in courses that meet their degree requirements and advance them toward degree completion."

The full-time tuition rate window applies to enrollment in 12 to 20 credits a semester (most courses earn 3 credit hours). Thus, full-time enrollment saves students both time and money, and speeds progress toward a degree.

Svaldi added he will advise his successor, Dr. Beverlee McClure, to appoint a committee to carefully study how to best encourage efficient degree completion.

By Julie Waechter