Adams State Trustees approve budget & tuition increase


The fiscal year 2015-16 budget approved May 15 by the Board of Trustees for Adams State University includes a 5.6% tuition increase for Colorado resident undergraduate students. The increase translates to $144 more per semester for full-time students, according to Bill Mansheim, vice president for Finance and Governmental Relations. Room rates remain unchanged, and meal plans will increase an average of 2 percent.

Total tuition and fees for in-state undergraduate students will be $4,287 per semester, an increase of $278. Course fees for developmental courses were eliminated, and other course fees remain unchanged. Tuition will not increase for non-resident undergraduates, but a fee increase brings their total tuition and fees to $7,043 per semester. The full-time tuition rate window applies to enrollment in 12 to 20 credits a semester (most courses earn 3 credit hours).

The total budget of $59.5 million includes $14.1 million in state general fund revenue generated through College Opportunity Fund stipends and the Fee for Service contract, which increased 10 percent over last year. Mansheim noted, however, that state funding remains at the level set in 2008. Mandated cost increases, such as classified staff salaries, employee health and dental insurance premiums, and utilities are budgeted to increase between 6 and 8 percent.

He said the budget also includes a 2.5 percent cost of living salary adjustment for faculty and staff that will be effective January 1, depending on enrollment.

By Julie Waechter