Recycle Product Expo Winners


Eighteen contributors entered over two dozen items; all made from recycled or repurposed materials, for Adams State College's first annual Recycle Product Expo. The goal was to promote the creative and functional use of recycled and repurposed products within the San Luis Valley, and to inspire business ideas for products using materials typically discarded. Among the entries was a solar water heater made from plastic bottles and aluminum cans, decorative Christmas lights made from airplane plastic liquor bottles, beach bag crocheted from plastic grocery bags and candle stick holders assembled from various metal found objects.

In order to recognize the creative use of recycled material, Community Partnerships held two types of judging. Five community members, that included teachers, an economic developer, recycle professional and business owner, were invited to review the expo entries and choose their favorites based on use of material not easily recycled, aesthetic value and ease of replication for product development. In addition, visitors to the Expo were encouraged to cast their vote for "Viewer's Choice." Because of the high quality of submissions, judging was difficult.

The winners were Teresa Granada, who had made wreaths from wine corks and plastic caps, and a basket from bottlecaps; John Patterson, who had displayed various sculptures made from used farm materials; and Roger Schlagbaum, who created a jewelry box out of disassembled barn wood and construction leftovers. ASC Community Partnerships would like to congratulate all participants in the event for their creativity in developing potential products made from discarded material. For more information regarding next year's Recycle Product Expo, please call ASC Community Partnerships at 719-587-8227.

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