Accelerate your learning


Accelerate your learning with Adams State College's Intersessions Program. Intersession offers highly-focused, short courses during a four-week time period between semesters. Earn one to four semester hours of credit for these accelerated one to four week long courses. A variety of courses are delivered online for undergraduate degree and non-degree students.

Intersession registration for classes held December 20 through January 17 has begun. The Intersessions Program maximizes time and resources in order that students may graduate early, provides an opportunity for students to take general education courses in an accelerated format between semesters, and provides a second chance to earn credit for fall (NCAA eligibility, repeat courses).

No admission requirements other than the registration process. Intersession is open to residential and nonresidential students. Select your course, register and pay for course. No financial aid is available. Courses will be assessed at a fixed rate with no distinction made concerning the student's resident/nonresident status.

It is recommended students check with their academic advisors prior to taking the courses. Enrolling early helps ensure sufficient enrollment for the course and secures a place in the course for the student. December Intersession course grades are posted in the fall term, as long as the student is registered before December 20.

Adams State College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. For more information contact the Adams State Office of the Associate Provost at 719-587-7622