ASC Police arrest suspected car vandals


Based on an alert student's eye witness description of two men breaking into a vehicle, Adams State College Police arrested two suspects in a crime spree that damaged at least seven cars and caused thousands in damage.

ASC Police Chief Joel Shults

ASC Police Chief Joel Shults

Matthew Jojola, 22, and John Lujan, 18, New Mexico residents who had lived in Alamosa a few months, were arrested and are lodged are in the Alamosa County Jail. They are not Adams State students.

Damage included at least eleven sliced tires, including two on an ASCPD patrol car, and a convertible roof that was badly damaged from being cut. Officers recovered a razor blade from one of the suspects.

ASCPD Chief Joel F. Shults was called out to investigate the report at 4:23 a.m. Nov. 1. When he arrived on campus, Shults immediately contacted two males a few blocks from the break-in. The witness had described the suspects who fled the scene as wearing a red shirt and a red plaid shirt. During the contact Shults discovered shirts fitting that description hidden on the suspects. They were taken into custody and subsequently identified by the witness as the vandals.

"Our good citizen who took the time to call 911 is the hero in this case. He did a great job. I'm proud to have so many of that kind of student as part of our campus community." said Shults.

By Julie Waechter