Alamosa to Africa


If you've ever dreamed of visiting Africa to see the wildlife and experience the culture, here's your chance. Adams State College will host a trip to Africa from July 11 through July 24, 2011.

The course will explore the breathtaking natural and cultural history of East Africa. The group will visit different ecosystems to observe different human cultures and wildlife, including the Rift Valley lakes, home to tens of thousands of flamingos, the Serengeti, home of the world's biggest migration of large mammals, and Ngorongoro Crater, a microcosm of African Wildlife. The course will also explore ongoing efforts to balance conserving East Africa's wildlife and the needs of its burgeoning human population.

The estimated cost of the trip is $5200 - $5400 per person. Participants will be camping, and should be in good health and good physical shape. For more information, please contact Dr. Tim Armstrong at 719-587-7211 or or Dr. Jared Beeton at 719-587-7357 or