Graduate art students exhibit thesis work


Sculptures, paintings, and installations exploring themes from the personal to the environmental - the Adams State College Graduate Thesis Exhibitions explore a variety of issues in a diversity of mediums. The Cloyde Snook and Hatfield Galleries current exhibits include work by John Dodds, Nora McBride, Rachael Padilla, and David Stallings The shows continue through November 22, with a closing reception that evening from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m.

Dodds said his thesis work involves the creation of trophies for individuals or entities that don't deserve recognition. "Socially and politically motivated and heavy with sarcasm, these trophies are intended to stimulate conversations around the abuse of systems that are meant to be helpful."

McBride's "My Little Phony" series combines painting and printmaking processes. "It explores the juxtaposition of imagery influenced by popular culture, and iconic pictures and symbols." All of the work is expressed through a narrative lens of humor or absurdity fueled by the artist's personal experience, observation, and subconscious.

The work for "Departure", by Padilla, is comprised of a series of shrines. The exhibit serves as a representation of a metamorphosis of an intimate perspective of life experiences. It is the act of transforming life experiences, many of which were beyond the artist's control, and the emotional repercussions of those experiences to empowerment. The shrines themselves are created through assemblage of two-dimensional and/or three-dimensional pieces, drawings, paintings, or three-dimensional Papier mache works combined in an altar-like scene with other everyday items associated with the experience being memorialized. "They are memoirs of the various realizations that occur throughout personal life," Padilla said. For more information call the Art Department at 719-587-7823 .